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Gastronomy, history and nature in the heart of Castilla y león.


Tordesillas appears for the first time mentioned in historical documents around the year 939 A.D., when Abderramán III passed through Tordesillas after besieging Zamora, although it is not known for sure which is the origin of Tordesillas. In its surroundings have been found settlements dating from the second iron age.

Tordesillas is located on a hill on the banks of the Duero at 704 meters above sea level, with a fertile riverbank that allows us to walk along this mighty river. In addition, part of the municipality is part of the only protected natural area in the province of Valladolid (REN and ZEPA). This privileged natural location gave reason to its settlement in prehistoric, Vaccean and Roman times. The construction in the Middle Ages of the bridge over the river contributed to its economic and social boom during this period, especially the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The town was declared a Historic Site in 1977, with four buildings with the status of Cultural Interest.

Points of interest

Palacio de los Alderete
Iglesia-Museo San Antolín
Centro De Iniciativas Turísticas De Tordesillas «CIT»
Palacio Alto
Casas del Tratado
Museo del Tratado de Tordesillas
Monumento a las Paces de Tordesillas
Plaza Mayor de Tordesillas
Real Monasterio de Santa Clara
Iglesia de San Pedro
Iglesia de Santiago (restos)
Ermita de las Ánimas
Monumento Toro de Tordesillas
Puente de Tordesillas
Merendero Valdegalindo
Centro Ecuestre Tordesillas
Bodegas Copaboca Tordesillas
Bodega Muelas
Karting Tordesillas
Valladolid Paintball Copaboca Entreviñas